DARKSPARK is a multicultural arts organization that uses songwriting, storytelling and recording  to engage and inspire youth to create social change. 


We impact...

Recovery & Reconciliation 

Darkspark contributes to the process of recovery and reconciliation by facilitating cross-cultural understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples. 

Through its Four Directions initiative, Darkspark collaborates with schools to convey Canadian history curriculum using pop culture to engage youth. Students conceptualize, write, sing and record songs for change and healing that educate, reclaim and reconcile colonial history that is very much a part of Canada's present. 

Darkspark takes these musical stories by Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to a variety of audiences to initiate cross-cultural discourse and bridge the cultural divide. The voices of youth on the issues are very powerful; they educate and touch audiences deeply.     

Engagement & Learning

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Darkspark assists schools with challenging social issues such as bullying, racism, sexism, trauma, grief and loss. The Darkspark method also inspires disengaged students to learn.

Darkspark offers customized programs that tackle complex issues using the unifying medium of popular music and media literacy. Its methodology is applied to teach units of standardized curriculum.

The impact is increased self-esteem, resilience and engagement in learning for student participants.                         

Intercultural Understanding

Darkspark is developing interactive, digital curriculum resources that will assist Indigenous and non-Indigenous teachers to respectfully educate students on Canada’s colonial history.

The voices of Indigenous youth and Elders integrated into lesson plans will increase understanding of the issues and guide educators in the effective delivery of this challenging subject.

These teaching resources will bring Indigenous content and perspectives into classrooms across Canada in a progressive and engaging way.                                  

“I am excited about (Darkspark) - the work that it does, and can't speak highly enough about the calibre and integrity of its work.” 

- Jean-Paul Restoule, Associate Professor, Aboriginal Education - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University Of Toronto)


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