DARKSPARK is an arts organization that uses songwriting and recording of pop songs to engage youth and promote cross-cultural understanding. 


We impact...

 Intercultural Understanding

Recovery & Reconciliation

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Engagement & Learning



Arts Education

Darkspark takes its transformative arts education program into schools to engage, empower and educate students, using the unifying medium of popular music.

Through professionally led custom programs or special projects, student participants learn and reflect on curriculum while being guided through the process of conceptualizing, writing, recording and releasing contemporary pop songs.

One of Darkspark's recent priorities is the Four Directions Project, through which it collaborates with Canadian schools to convey history curriculum. Students learn about colonial history, then create and release songs for change and healing that educate, reclaim and reconcile this history that is very much a part of Canada's present.    

Pop Culture Projects 

Darkspark convenes popular recording artists, producers and youth from around the world to share stories through song, and spark conversations that bridge cultural divides. Using digital communication technology, it connects these socially aware artists and producers anywhere in the world to youth in their communities. Together they generate and launch innovative projects based on pop culture.

Pop culture projects are as varied and creative as the personalities Darkspark collaborates with. The projects are built for digital platforms that encourage sharing, engagement, and a multicultural perspective.

In a world that is connected digitally, yet often divided culturally, music is a unifying force that transcends polarizing times.


Civic Engagement

Darkspark collaborates with communities and youth-focused organizations to encourage social change through song. Its engaging use of pop music, songwriting and recording provides an enriched experience for participants in the partner organization's programs. Youth gain confidence in having a voice; their songs address issues of public concern.

Songs from each project are shared through youth-led public presentations and online. In this way, the art, stories and perspectives of youth on issues affecting them are expressed and powerfully impact audiences.

From gun violence to suicide prevention, racism to nationalism, song can be a powerful activator for all citizens to start a conversation, raise awareness and create change.                    

“I am excited about (Darkspark) - the work that it does, and can't speak highly enough about the calibre and integrity of its work.” 

- Jean-Paul Restoule, Associate Professor, Aboriginal Education - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University Of Toronto)


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