Darkspark assists schools to address challenging social issues in an engaging, safe and effective way.  Darkspark customizes programs to respond to each school’s unique culture and situation.

Using the unifying medium of popular music, it tackles bullying, racism, cultural and religious discrimination, sexism, trauma, grief or loss. Students’ experience of a collaborative creative process - while song-writing and recording - offers a unique, non-threatening opportunity to express, heal and discover creative solutions to these life challenges. The impact is increased self-esteem and resilience for student participants.

The Darkspark arts educators apply a unique methodology to teach units of standardized curriculum, such as science and geography, history and English. Their creative approach and the universal appeal of popular music inspire disengaged students to engage with the curriculum..

Students who have been taught through Darkspark-led curriculum units report an increase in their confidence and interest in learning; their teachers observe increased engagement at school. The shared group experience strengthens peer connections. These shifts lead to greater resilience. The benefits accrue to individual students, the class as a group, and the school community.

We have run this program with new refugees to Canada from Cambodia, Syria and Rwanda whose varied stories brought us to tears while allowing them to share through music's universal language.  - Melissa (Arts Educator)

 The aim of Darkspark’s customized programs is to engage, educate and inspire youth to learn, express themselves, and appreciate diversity.

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"We were not really sure how our students would respond to a project involving singing and recording songs. The Darkspark team were so great and professional. They were able to help our students out of their shells and help them find a voice that was hiding within." 

- Bernadette Marie, Principal, Gudangaay Tiaats'gaa Naay Secondary School - Haida Gwaii, BC